Who we are

We are a team of first class professionals. Experts at the top of our individual industries. We have come together to bring television quality and essential viewing to businesses of any size.

Delissa Needham
Delissa NeedhamHead of Content
A dynamic and versatile producer experienced in providing watchable programming to the highest international standards. Creating stories that work for the client, the broadcasters and the audience worldwide.

As an Executive Producer Delissa Needham has worked with the UK’s biggest talent – Colin Firth, Keira Knightley and Sir Ben Kingsley. She has provided successful programming for audiences worldwide through the BBC and Sky. Delissa is a broadcast strategist and industry commentator and has set up digital marketing company EYE with Marketing Strategist, David Shaw with the aim of marketing the worlds most prestigious luxury super brands by telling their amazing stories.

“the internet is littered with poor quality videos. We set up EYE to change that. Companies make the mistake of just ticking a “done that” box for website video without realising that most importantly a film must be watchable. Keeping your viewers eyeballs glued to you is just as important online as it is on television – and a good film is a very strong marketing tool. Telling your brand’s story is a quick and sure way to engage the hearts and minds of your potential client.

David Shaw
David ShawDigital Marketing Strategist
Technology Savvy Entrepreneur David is an experienced CMO, international public speaker and author of the business book ‘Evolve or Become Obsolete: A small business owners guide to the future of business. His focus is on understanding customer journeys and creating digital experiences that inform, educate and inspire audiences. Understanding the buying process is essential to sales and marketing today and combining these with technology and new buying habits is the key to success. David specialises in digital transformation and helping companies create the digital strategies to enable them to become the thought leaders in their industries.
Andy Director
Andy has been a director for some of the biggest names in broadcast, including ITV, The History Chanel, STV, Channel 5 and Sky Arts. He has also created content for corporate and charity organisations such as Coca-Cola, The Telegraph, Green King, the RNLI, UNESCO and The Royal British Legion. He has experience filming in remote locations such as the jungles of Cambodia and the extremes of the atlantic where he directed a programme on the Titanic which became The History Channel’s highest rating programme.
Andy brings a calm approach to all his clients and loves to tell stories in a highly creative and innovative way.